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Alternative Therapist
Spiritual Coach
Tarot Reader
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Arpita Thakkar is an Alternative Therapist and a Spiritual Coach.She is a Reiki Grandmaster, Tarot Card Reader, Angel Guidance Facilitator, Bach flower Therapist, Pendulum Dowsing Teacher, Switchwords Master, Akashic Records Teacher, Humkara with Haleem Master, Automatic Writing Teacher and many more.

She is a Transformational coach, and the Author of the book “Turning the Mind Lights On” She is an award winner for “NAARI SHAKTI” award in the year 2017 and has received even “”THE BEST AKASHIC RECORDS COACH” Award in Oct 2021.

She has been featured and her work has been appreciated in two wonderful Magazines Gyankalash and Wedzilla. She specializes in teaching Akashic Records. Learning and teaching Spiritual modalities feeds and charges her Soul.

What have I learned

- Your circumstances do not define you.

- Your failures do not define you.

- Your doubters do not define you.

- YOU define you..

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