Pendulum Dowsing Workshop

Pendulum Dowsing is an incredibly effective way to tap into & develop your intuition.

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What will your learn.


⭐What is Dowsing?
⭐How does it work?
⭐How to Cleanse the pendulum
⭐How to programme the pendulum
⭐Different activities for using the pendulum 
⭐How to get answers from it
⭐Chakras and pendulum
⭐Introduction of different Dowsing charts
⭐Finding lost objects 
⭐Charging of food and water
⭐How to make different charts
⭐How to charge and cleanse your space
⭐Get answers through different dowsing charts
⭐Prerequisite: Pendulum dowser

Benefits of the Workshop

Explore the occult skill of divination

Do join PENDULUM DOWSING WORKSHOP if you have the following questions.
  • How to balance your chakras ?
  • To get answers in yes or no.
  • If you want to find a lost object.
  • How to heal body, mind & much more?

Your questions answered

A pendulum works by converting energy back and forth, a bit like a rollercoaster ride. When the bob is highest (furthest from the ground), it has maximum stored energy (potential energy).

When the pendulum swings, look at it – observe its direction. This is your answer. If it doesn’t move right away, give it time, or if it’s unclear what the signal is, try rephrasing the question and do it again. When the pendulum swings with great force, it’s answering loudly.

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